This I Believe

Rachel - Lafayette, California
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in following my intuition. As a teenager growing up and maturing in today’s world, I think that it is an important belief to possess. By trusting my intuition, I am not only gaining self-respect, but also making myself a more independent and strong young woman.

Intuition is instinctive knowledge without logic or reasoning. Throughout my sixteen years of life, I have learned to assume that my intuition will tell me the right thing to do; that based on my personal growth and morals, I can trust myself to make the right decisions when put in difficult situations.

When I was seven, one of the older girls on the playground was teaching another little girl and me how to do cherry-drops off of the monkey bars. By swinging by our knees we were supposed to gain enough momentum to flip our feet down off the bar and land. Something inside me begged me not to try it without an adult around. The other little girl, however, eagerly awaited her chance. I’ll never forget the combination of shock and pain that was painted on her face when she stood up from the ground: she had fallen flat on her stomach and the wind was knocked out of her. My intuition had stopped me from falling as she had done that day. I did not realize at that moment that my intuition had warned me against something dangerous, but later on it became clearer.

Most teenagers are faced with the pressures of smoking at one point in their adolescence. Movies always romanticize the smoker: the tall, dark-haired fellow on the street corner, awaiting the arrival of his lover, or the elegant woman taking a drag from her cigarette, blowing smoke from her perfect red lips. But when faced with these experiences in real life – where a friend approaches me with a cigarette – I feel like all of those years of movie watching have failed me. It is as though the films encourage smoking. On the other hand, I was told multiple times in health class that it’s an unhealthy habit.

I choose to trust my instincts and believe that if my intuition is warning me away from a certain activity, it is for the better. Resisting peer pressure puts me in a level of my own. I find myself more confident and self-assured because I am able to say “No thanks” and walk away, without feeling guilty.

I listen to my inner voice and trust my intuition. Because of this, I have become a true individual and it has saved me from conforming to peer-pressure. I will continue to carry this significant belief with me throughout my life. By following my intuition, I will make the right choices for me. And this, I believe.