An Element Forgotten

Kelly - San Diego, California
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

In today’s world people are faced with great tasks that at times may seem impossible to take on. Though at first glance some of these great tasks might seem invincible, there is an antidote to this great disease. The best way to take a grasp of a situation that may seem impossible is to look to what I believe is the greatest and most important thing every individual has, and this great thing is what I call your family.

I believe that the power of family is something that propels individuals through live. Too many times does a person take on responsibilities that at first seem like a piece of cake, however when the individual takes a step back to realize what her or she has done most of these people tend to fold and give up there responsibilities. However if a person took the time to ask for help, it is almost a given that the person will follow through with the task they have taken upon. What better way to ask for help than to look to the people that have been there for you since birth, the people that want nothing else but to see you succeed in this world of struggles than your family.

I believe the power of family is a power that can save a person going through a crisis that at times might seem too overwhelming, and at times might make some persons think the best way out is to leave this wonderful life. In my life I have seen many things many beautiful things, however in my 21 years of life I have also experienced a scare that I hope no other person experiences, and what I speak of is a loved one thinking that life was too hard that life was not worth living. A very special person once thought that because a few things where not going in there favor it meant that they where not being loved. Instead of taking the time to let go of the worries this loved one came to the conclusion that leaving kids and a spouse behind was the answer. Yet leaving life was not the answer and what helped a confused mind ease the pane of depression was the love and support of family.

Family is the key to life. Not because family raises you, celebrates your birthdays and showers you with gifts during the holidays. Yet family is what we as individuals where put here to do. Each person gay or straight strives to one day be lucky enough to start a family. To have a little girl or a little boy and give that little baby all the love in the world. Family is what our society has based some holidays on; we as a society come together one day out of the year and thank each other for being a part of one another’s life. Family is the element that pushes some to achieve their goals and others, family is what saves them from errors that might never be erased. I am thankful fore my family are you?