This I Believe

bryan - San Diego, California
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe, it usually seems like when you’re with people you care about it, nothing can get you down. If you’re having trouble with school, a family crisis, or down on your luck, if you’re with a good group of friends nothing can separate you from the state of nirvana you are in with them. They can help you get through the bad times by giving you advice or maybe a different perspective on the situation. That’s how it was like for me and any of my friends. The activity that brought us all together has always been sports; ranging from a simple basketball game on T.V. to going to a ball game and spending time with them to actually playing some football at a park.

I’ve always been a person who needs to talk about your problems with the ones you trust to get past the problems that are troubling you. So When I go home from time to time I call up my old friends from high school to see if they want to go pick up the ole’ pigskin and talk about life. We usually start off by just seeing what’s new with each other and how’s our families are. You kind of have to start out to with some small stuff then you dive into more deep stuff. Then we’ll usually play a couple of games like old times when we were kids( almost like we never left each other, but in reality we have gone separate ways totally).After we’re done playing we’ll sit down and just talk about what going on in our lives that’s been stressing our lives. If it’s my friend josh who is constantly having family problems or if it’s me let’s say who is having certain school problems from time to time we are always there for one another giving each other encouragement and advice on what to do. After we’re done talking we might go to a party and hang out later, but the time that we spend truly assisting each other is special.

When I go home, I always look forward to playing that basketball game at the park or head out to the local pizza parlor to watch the game on T.V. to just chill with old friends and enjoy some sports with my ole’ comrades. No matter how old we get, we will always be able to confide in each other and help one another through thick and thin. I believe that friends make everything just a little bit easier and sports are what bring us together.