Education in 2007

Katherine - Glen Rock, New Jersey
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

In only two years at Boston College and nine weeks in a student teaching position m ideas about education have radically changed. Thus far my Jesuit college experience has taught me the importance of reflection and the value it can have to help one profoundly understand oneself. I was pushed by my professors, teachers, and supervisors to deeply think about what I believe and to develop an understanding how those beliefs effect who I am. Through these reflections and through conversations with educators and my peers I have learned about myself and what the system of education in America means to me.

I believe all children have a right to an education that is developed around their needs and provides appropriate challenges. Students should feel comfortable and safe in their classrooms and school communities. Education for the children of today is about the whole person; giving students not only academic knowledge but also provide them with a social education, cultural appreciation, and information to get through everyday life. Lessons should give students a clear and consistent understanding of the topic they are studying. Students should be supported for the talents that the have and for the qualities that make them different.

I believe parents play a crucial role in their child’s education. Students spend much more time with their parents then they do with their teachers and so their parents have a much greater influence. Children share their parent’s genes, are strongly influenced by their parent’s beliefs, and easily learn the behaviors their parent’s model. Schools rely on their parent’s support of their children and it is important that they never be shit out by lack or communication or any other problems.

I believe teachers jobs are complex and demand a wide range of talents. Teachers are accountable for their students learning and they are responsible for developing an understanding of their children’s needs. It is easy as a teacher to let our personal beliefs, habits, and methods influence how we teach. This is inevitable and it is not always a negative thing but it is definitely something that we as professionals should be aware of. Educators should all be life long learners because the legislation is constantly changing, research is constantly being published, and new theories are always immerging. I believe the best teachers I have ever had were so effective because they were so well read. (After all we are always telling our students how important reading and learning is/will be throughout their lives)

I believe classrooms should be scared places that promote equity, encourage social justice and work to create the leaders of tomorrow. I believe in the power of an education and that it is the key to accomplishing dreams. I believe all children can become life long learners and that it is our job as teachers, as parents, as caring members of society, to encourage and nurture, in anyway possible, the talents of our future.