This I Believe

Rachael - Lancaster, Kentucky
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: integrity

In our everyday lives, we have people we rely upon and that we are supposed to trust. They are commonly the people with whom we interact the most. To see an example, you could look at people like your mother, your teacher or your friends. These are generally the people you live with, work with, go to school or just spend time with. You trust these people but the question is, why do you trust them?

Well, to be quite honest, it is because you love them. You have fun with them and you can count on them to tell you the truth whether you may like what they have to say or not. My belief is that people should always tell the truth, no matter the situation and regardless of the consequences.

One Sunday, I was unloading my car and taking my things to my dorm room. When I went to get back in my car, it would not start. I did not know what to do since it was ten o’clock at night and I was alone. I called my roommate, who was in the dorm, on a different floor with some friends, and asked her if she would come down real quick and help me push my car into a parking space, which was about twenty feet away from where my car was. She asked me to hang on a second and put the phone down.

I don’t know if she did not expect me to hear her, but in the background, I heard her tell her friend about my situation and ask this friend if she should come down and help me. The friend said that she didn’t see how it was my roommate’s problem. My roommate got back on the phone and “informed” me that she would if she could but that there was an ambulance out front and that they didn’t want people in the lobby. I knew this was not true because I was sitting, broken down about five steps outside the door. I had already been up to our room and put my bags away (so I had passed through the lobby twice), not to mention that I had heard her in the background saying that she did not want to come down and help me and asked her friend if she should. I could not believe my ears. Here was this person I was supposed to trust and had been living with for a couple of weeks! I was astounded!

Truth is an essential part of our everyday life. It ties in to trust, love, work, relationships and just about everything else. I believe that people should tell the truth whenever possible, even if it may hurt someone’s feelings or cause an argument. I believe that people should definitely be honest, especially with those who are close to them and that they should expect the same in return from those around them.

If my roommate had been honest with me I would have been upset because I needed help and she was not willing to help me. I might have been mad for a while but I would have gotten over it. Because she was dishonest with me, I don’t feel connected with her and I don’t feel as though I can trust her, although she has given me no reason to feel like I do other than this one incident. I feel as though she should have told me the truth.

I believe that people should tell the truth and they should want to hear the truth. If we were all honest with one another, it wouldn’t cause more or less fights, it wouldn’t hurt or help the economy, and it probably wouldn’t make society a safer place to live. But it would help people to have stronger bonds with other people, increase trust with in a family and stop unnecessary arguments that could have been prevented by mentioning one small fact in the first place. Truth is an essential part of life and I believe that society would benefit from telling the truth whenever possible, regardless of the consequences.