This I Believe

Sean - San Diego, California
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

My life, and the values that shape it, are a constant cycle of change, and are always evolving. I believe in a higher power, God under my definition. I believe in treating people how I would want to be treated. I believe in living life to the fullest and giving to those in need. I have many values that have, are, and will shape my life.

In today’s world there is a very common notion for people to only believe in factual evidence, as faith in the supernatural seems to fade. I will always believe that God does exist. It is the belief that He does in fact exist and that there is a heaven that keeps me moving every day. However, despite my faith, it is the natural human mind that makes it impossible to understand Him, or Heaven for that matter, as our minds innately can only interpret what are senses tell us to be true. Faith is the one thing in our lives that is driven purely individualistically from our souls and it is the one thing that I will hope to never lose sight of throughout my life. My hope is that my faith is and will stay strong enough so that I might not venture too far away from own religious views.

Throughout high school I was required to take a course in religion every semester. Outside of the classroom while I was at home I would ponder other belief systems. I had no intention of changing my religion, but I was thinking more about what religion meant to me. During this time my parents were becoming stricter on me abiding by Catholic rule instead of questioning by beliefs. At that very time it all sort of hit me with a clearer understanding. I strongly believe that religion shall not be forced upon someone as my parents had. I thank them for bringing me up in the Catholic religion, but I believed them to be wrong in how they began to change. During this time, I began to set my beliefs in a term of evolution, always keeping my core beliefs strong and always “tweeking” the more social beliefs and values. I ultimately see my religion, and all religions as a set of values. I believe that all religions, essentially, are trying to tell people to be good human beings here on earth. Unfortunately, life happens and you cannot personally alter its course.

I believe my life has changed in great leaps so far throughout my life. I believe that my religious standing remains strong, but my mind and soul are open for change, but only for change that is for my life’s betterment. I believe that God will keep me strong throughout the rest of my life and I believe that I will one day see the true understanding of belief, value, and above all, faith. Until, then, they will always be ever-changing, ever-evolving.