“I Believe Together We Can Overcome Anything”

Amanda - Bowling Green, Kentucky
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe that my husband truly loves me as I do him, but alcoholism has taken a toll on our marriage. Needless to say my husband has drank for many years now, as my father did when I was younger. Like my father, my husband, lived for the weekends and growing up with an alcoholic was difficult enough, but when you marry an alcoholic it is even harder.

I always told myself when I became a parent, I would not raise my children in that environment, but of course when I met my now husband one year ago, I met my soul mate. Not realizing what a struggle we would have financially and dealing with alcohol at the same time, I gave up on him and our marriage after six months. I packed up and left, we were separated for almost three months. I took that time and done some soul searching, and took a look at my own parents. Thinking back, if my mother would have given up on my father, where would my family be now? My parents truly struggled, but they did it together and for fourteen years now my father has not had a drink and my parents celebrated fifty years together in February 2007. My mother now needs my father more than she ever. She has several medical issues, thank God he is there for her and not out drinking.

With given all this, I have decided to go back home and stand beside my husband in whatever comes our way. So far he has not had a drink in about five weeks and has had to struggle some, but with the faith in God and our love for each other I believe together we will overcome anything, including alcoholism.