This I Believe

Jessica - Scottsville, Kentucky
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children

This I believe

I believe that children are our future; they are the up coming generation that will carry on this world as it is. I believe that children should get the education that they deserve, rather them live in the United States or that they live somewhere across the planet, I don’t think that it matters. All children are a gift given to us from God himself, and something that precious should not go to waste.

I believe that every child has hopes and dreams and that hopefully through some education they are able to succeed in whatever they want to pursue. I believe that children in other countries aren’t as fortunate as we are in the United States, and that we, as American citizens, take way too many things for granted such as this issue, education. Education is a big part of our lives, from just the basic education, and graduating high school. To going to college, and actually finding the field that we want to pursue in. These days education is pretty much required to find a good paying job, that doesn’t risk your life everyday, or that is very back breaking.

If we are able to have such a good environment with education everywhere, why is it so impossible in other countries for them to just have some basic education? I believe that other countries should strive to make their next generation be well educated; I understand that they don’t always have the money or maybe even the opportunity to do so. But I believe that somebody should at least try to help them. If they can’t be educated, then how to they expect their economy and countries to be any better? I believe with giving children the chance to do and to live better, that they would take it with open arms, and actually appreciate it.

I believe that if people worked together than we could help our future generations, not just Americas next generation, but the generations of many other countries as well. I believe that education is needed in anything you decide to do with your life, also I believe that with a good education, and some good determination that you can be whoever and whatever you want to be, you just have to put your mind to it, and you must have the opportunity to do it