This I Believe

Tyler - Baltimore, Maryland
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that there is too much self-importance within the human species and that life is a privilege taken for granted by most human beings, including myself at times. From my view, the majority of the human species does not completely value the greatness of our mere presence on this planet. I solidify these beliefs by knowing that I am what I consider a victim of human arrogance.

I am now at a point in my life where I’ve been influenced to do “what’s right for my future” and I immediately sense I’ve fell into what “life should be”. After all, a common phrase to hear among people is: “That’s just how life is.” I’ve been told to analyze myself and to figure out who I am – and more importantly, I’ve been told to find my purpose. I feel that at this point I am being forced into the exact opposite of what I believed as a child. Of course, the simple fact that I am writing about what I believe is already an analysis of who I am and is a contradiction of that.

I can remember times in my childhood in which I was more concerned with going out in the wooded area of my backyard and seeing what changed in the forest since my last visit. I remember finding insects and small mammals and referring to my nature book to identify what kind of animals and bugs they were. That was a point in my life that in which I felt that I was closest to my appreciation to nature. It was less about what I was getting out of the experience, but it was being able to understand a creature that I was sharing this place with. It was less about who I was, but instead it was the simple reflection on life and the state of being.

I find appreciation in the pure joy of living. I have had a few experiences with friends and relatives who have committed suicide. I believe that although the experiences were tragic, they were also very enlightening. I could not grasp onto the concept behind their suicides, relations, family problems, and money conflicts. Then I came to realize that I didn’t relate because I felt that all of those things were trivial in the grand scheme of life. No matter how desperate my feelings are regarding what material things and false joys I want in my life, I can always hold onto the thread of my appreciation for life.

I believe that life is much more valuable to me when I view the experience and privilege of life as my purpose alone. I have heard people discuss the purpose of their being many times and every time I hear such a conversation, I cannot help but smile.