This I Believe

Madison - Issaquah, Washington
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

The Great Sunrise

Madison Catterall

My personal philosophy is many among one. I am a believer in living, loving, laughing, crying, dancing, sitting motionless, sleeping in late, waking up early, being completely silent, screaming as loud as possible whenever you feel it necessary, being forever young, listening to your favorite song repetitively until it is permanently written in your brain, and knowing when to stop; among other things.

My way of life is to take all things in proportion to what you give. If you are laughing until your eyes water one day, it is perfectly fine to be sobbing uncontrollably the next.

I have adapted to this way of life because I used to be the person who cried for days, sat silently in the corner of a room, and was completely miserable. A smile was never real, a laugh was always sarcastic, and being happy was the farthest thing from my mind. Then suddenly, for no evident reason other than that I became aware of the fact that I wasn’t a positive person and that something needed to change. The sun shone bright. My world wasn’t dark and gloomy everyday. More like one of those beautiful sunrises that makes the sky a mystical fusion of pink and blue.

This is not to say that I am a jolly, bouncy, peppy person. My life is far from perfect (or psychotic like those people who may actually be peppy, bouncy, and jolly 24/7). If I’m sad than I will act sad. If I’m happy, then I’ll be bouncy and smiley. My philosophy doesn’t mean that I’m really quiet for exactly 4 hours then like a live wire for the same amount of time. But the way that I see life means that if I am sad, it won’t be permanent.