This I Believe

Wen-Yu - South Bend, Indiana
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in imperfection. Everyone will make mistakes. Making mistakes is a learning process, because one can see improvements and changes after he/she thinks again and corrects his/her mistakes. Also, he/she will avoid making the same mistake over and over again.

One day, one of my friends argued with my teacher because she did not get a good grade. The teacher insisted that she would call my friend’s mother. However, my friend’s mother worked overseas and would be upset by the call, which made my friend cry. I stood up for my friend and argued with the teacher. I told the teacher she should not get my friend into trouble because my friend does not want her mother to worry about her. However, I did not think about what I had done to the teacher at the time. In other words, it is really disrespectful and impolite to argue with a teacher in Asian culture. After I got home, I did not let my mother know what I had done at school. I did not realize that the teacher had called my mother already. When my mother asked me about what happened at school, I told a lie to my mother. At last, she told me she knew what happened that day. She also listened to me explain why I did that. Then, she wanted me to apologize for my rudeness to the teacher. The next day, I felt ashamed and was afraid to talk to the teacher. Also, I did not know how to apologize for what I had done. I mustered up my courage to face the teacher and felt sorry for what I have done to her. The teacher accepted my apology. She also told me that it was great I could know what is wrong and face my mistake. I had made two mistakes at the same time, which were inappropriate and discourteous in Asian culture. One was I was impolite and disrespectful to the teacher. Another was I told a lie to my mother. After this experience, I think that no one is perfect. Once people think over again and correct the mistake, they will learn a lesson.

Until now, I still believe in imperfection. One is always learning what is right and what is wrong in his/her life. I avoid making the same mistake if I have made that mistake before. However, I still make some mistakes unintentionally. For example, I might say some words which hurt my friends. After I realize this, I would apologize to them. I know how to face my mistakes, how to deal with them and how to correct them. I am able to recognize my improvements, changes, and progress after I correct and adjust those mistakes. I will keep the mistake in mind and avoid making the same mistake again.