This I Believe

Lynley - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: prejudice

I believe in first impressions, especially in grocery stores. A first impression does not necessarily mean you actually have to meet the person you are judging. A person’s shopping cart tells a lot about them. It amazes me that in a single passing in the cereal aisle with one glance into a person’s cart, you can discover not only what they eat, but also what lifestyle they lead. The person with all of the fruits and vegetables, the whole grains, the fresh meat, the wedding band-she is trying to raise her family to understand the value of a healthy lifestyle. The overweight guy in the gym shorts, that are not used to work out in, with the cart full of vegetable platters and potato chip bags obviously puts the guys first on a Sunday afternoon for the football game. What is the story of the overweight single woman who seems lost in the granola aisle? This specimen with the bag of marshmallows obviously hidden in her cart under the bundle of apples is most likely a sneak eater, which her friends and family probably know anyways. What does the cart of the fit housewife on the cell phone with the stockpile of TV dinners and her two kids clinging to her leg say? She probably has a nanny raising her kids and does not have time to make a home cooked meal given that she cannot even hang up the phone while in the checkout line. I really hate when people cannot get off their phone for one minute while they reach into their wallet with their kids screaming.

Is it that people are easy to read even though we all pretend to be extremely private, or are we just oblivious as a whole to what we flaunt? Without even saying hello to a person, you judge them based on their clothing, their jewelry, how much they are buying, what they are buying, where they are buying it, and how they act. But what type of impression is that? What if someone is having an off day, and others think he or she is a slob? Wait, does it matter what other people think? Do we read too much into the opinions of other people rather than valuing our own opinion first? However, why should you then care at all what you look like out in public? I think there is a happy medium that many people have yet to discover between their own opinion and the opinion of others. Overall, people are too critical and judgmental of one another, and we have to learn to pick and chose what to listen to. I am no different from the people I talk about either. How do you think I enjoy grocery shopping so much? I wonder what other people are thinking about me when they drop a glance in my cart in the dairy aisle.