This I Believe

dale - lexington, Kentucky
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe….

I knew that as soon as I graduated high school what the next step was for me in life. Not based off my personal decision but what my parents wanted me to do COLLEGE, COLLEGE, COLLEGE, is all I heard throughout my high school years and I knew if I did not go what a huge letdown that would be to my parents and family. Coming in as a freshman I admit it was a lot of fun, joining a frat, partying all the time, staying out as late as I want, but I knew I could not keep all that up for long. As I entered my sophomore year everything started to hit me and that is when I asked myself what I wanted to do in life stay in school or go right ahead to the work force, but that is when I asked myself, Is college everything in life? In my opinion no. Can you make it thru life without college? Yes. Why is it that college is so expensive, after paying your tuition, books, food, thing’s for your dorm room, parking tickets, it all adds up fairly quick before you realize it about $7,000 has been spent in just one year of schooling if you live in state here at the University, for out of state about $17,000 after factoring in all of your expenses. If you ask the average student what is the one thing they do not have enough of 9 out or every 10 students will say money. The average college student when he or she graduates college they have an estimated $30,000 worth of debt in financial loans as a college graduate. But by that time the person that did not go to college the high school graduate he or she has already made $30,000 without any debt. It is estimated that “we right here in this room, us students” will not pay our debts off until our mid thirties. The average high school graduate as reported by a US GOVERNMENT survey is likely to find a job that pays about thirty thousand dollars a year. And upon adding up the numbers by the time a high school graduate is 35 they will have amounted just under half a million dollars in earnings while you as a college graduate at 35 is just now getting out of debt from financial loans. Now, retirement wise the person that did go to college will not catch up with that person that only went to high school until about 5 years down the road and will have the same amount of money. This is when I asked myself is college really for me? Maybe I should listen to what my heart is saying WORK, WORK, WORK.