This I Believe

Tara - Pellston, Michigan
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

The glue that holds my life together is family. I believe that having those special people to fall back on in my time of need is very important. My family is always there for me no matter what; always cheering me on, always there to talk, or always there to just have a good belly laugh with.

I was thirteen and in eighth grade. We had just moved to Pellston; my parents thought that it would be a good idea for me to go out for the volleyball team. I had never played volleyball before and because it was a new school I barely knew anyone on the team. I got on the team, went to all the practices, but only played in a single game. No matter where the game was, or if I even played, my parents and grandparents were always there, cheering me on. Their hoots and hollers were the only noise that I could hear in the whole gym and that’s what made me push on and stick with it.

In my family, there is always someone there to talk to, cry with, or just someone there telling you it’s “ok”. Up until September 18, 2007 there was one person that everyone went to no matter what, my grandma Lois. One time after my mom and I had got in a huge fight I walked down to my grandma’s house and told her what had happened. By putting her arms around me she eased my anger and stopped me from crying. She told me a story about how my mom and her had gotten into a similar fight, and she told me that it would work itself out and everything would be “ok”, and it was. Recently I feel my aunt, my mom’s older sister, has stepped up and not “taken over” grandma’s position, but she is simply the person everyone goes to now. My whole family has taken the loss of my grandma very hard and for my aunt to sort of “take control” of the situation and be strong for the rest of the family shows a lot.

In my life friends will come and go, but there will always be that unconditional love of my family. To love unconditionally means there is no judgment and the love is there forever, no matter what happens. In my life, I have definitely tested the meaning of “unconditional love”, and every time the same thing happens, the same conversation is spoke. “If this is what you want to do, we can’t stop you, and if you get hurt we are still going to always be here for you, we’re FAMILY”.