This I Believe

jallisa - gainesville, Florida
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Have you ever lived in a drug house? Do you know what it is like to endure foster care bundled with emotional distress? Well, I am familiar with the feeling of both. However, I still represent strength. I am proud to say, I have survived a sense of unstableness and foster care. I personally believe that I was put on to earth for a purpose.

My mother was not secure. As a result, my siblings and I suffered. As a child, we moved to different places frequently. When my mother couldn’t pay rent, my family and I would just pack up and move on to another shack. Money was the issue that hindered social activities; for example, I could not participate in school functions because of our lack of funds. My mother tried, but she never seemed to pull through. As far as school, my mother failed to show any type of concern. I never felt smart and confident like other children my age. I had motivation in the aspect of school, and my homework, as well, went unattended. However, I learned to love school, in hope that it would take me far. Over all, I desired stability

On February 17, 1998, my sister and I were put into foster care. Although foster parents receive financial assistance, it was though trying to get basic needs such as clothing, and even food. Not any of my Foster parents had concern of school. Nevertheless, I continued to make school my first priority, and decided to make my own self proud. In 2003, my sister and I were released from foster care into the custody of our uncle. We felt as if we were already adults, because we were previously taking care ourselves. I went out and got a job the age of 16. The opportunity cost of getting a job was the fact that I would have less time to be attentive to school. My uncle was a preacher, so my life was filled with church. In addition, I used public transportation; so it took a great amount of time to get around. My life was becoming harder to balance, but I still managed an unweighted GPA of 3.0. Foster care was a thing of my past, and school continued to be my focus. In my freshman and sophomore year, I took honors classes. Following sophomore year, I was accepted into the dual enrollment program. I am currently gaining college credit, and also learning the ropes of college. In my family, I am a 1St year college candidate .No matter what is presented; I will do everything in my power to survive.

I strongly believe that God is molding me through hard times as well as the good. However, through different trails I have learned to have more faith. Overall, I truly believe that there is purpose in my schooling.