This I Believe

Ashley - PIttsburg, Kansas
Entered on December 5, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I believe in love and that everyone has that certain someone out there in the world waiting for them. I thought that I had found that love,3 but it turned out that I hadn’t. I was in the beginning of my junior year in high school and this guy and I started dating. After the first moment it became official we spent every moment together. One of us would be over at the others house almost every night of the week,5 we went out to eat,5 went to the movies,5 and spent family holidays together, we were like any other couple. After a year had gone by I thought this guy could be the guy I want to spend the rest of my life with. About December of last year the relationship started to go downhill. We were fighting all the time, arguing about the silliest things and just getting on each others nerves. To get away from it all I went to my sisters in Wichita for a week to let everything cool down. After I came back we broke up, it just wasn’t working out. I thought I loved him and though that he was the one,1 but I got a rude awaking. Love is something you don’t find when your sixteen or seventeen years old. It takes time to find the one you’re destined to be with the rest of your life. Most of the people that I know have found the one they are going to be with in college and some find them later in life. Love is a powerful thing and I know I will find it someday and I can’t wait for it to happen.