I Believe in Mangoes

Regina - Greeley, Colorado
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

When I was sixteen years old I traveled to Cancun, Mexico with my brother, sister, mom, and future step-father. My step-father was soon to be relocated to Seoul, South Korea for another various Air Force career so he surprised us with a 5 day trip to heaven. We spent the weekend with our toes in the whitest, most snowy looking sand next to an ocean I could swear was filled with a million blue raspberry lollipops leaking its turquoise color with every wave.

Scuba diving was my family’s newest found love and no one can deny the incredible beauty of Cancun’s coral reefs. It was my first ocean dive and as we descended into the cool quiet ocean, I gripped my step-dad’s hands so hard he had to peel my fingers off one by one. When I became calm and relaxed I noticed the incredible ambience and serenity of the ocean and its inhabitants. I suddenly had no worries in the world, no thoughts, and no troubles. It was as if I was floating in the womb of Mother Nature. I was surrounded by the people I love the most and I was in a place of complete tranquility.

As we were washing the saltwater off of our scuba gear back at the hotel, a small man with Ziploc baggies full of orange mushiness approached my mother and asked if she wanted to purchase some mangos. She agreed and handed each of us kids one of the bags. I hadn’t recalled ever actually having had a mango before and as I bit into the dense but soft fruit it immediately became my favorite.

Following this trip, every time I had the pleasure of eating a mango I would return to my unperturbed state; I would return to that wonderful weekend I spent in another world relaxed and as stress free as one could be. There would be occasions where I would make a trip to Jamba Juice after a stressful day of school or cheerleading, just barely keeping tears back, and I would order the “Mango-a-go-go” Smoothie and sit in my car all alone. This simple mango smoothie would relax me of all worries and put me at ease. I believe in the pleasure of eating a mango and its power to put my life at peace, even if only for the next couple chews.