This I Believe

Hsiao-Wen - Mishawaka, Indiana
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in Never Giving Up. People always use this phrase to encourage somebody. Some people become successful because they a firm belief in themselves and don’t give up easily. I like this phrase because life is full of challenges, we have to face them and not avoid them. This is my original belief.

I am from Taiwan and when I came to the United States, I was faced with cultural shock. The first month in my writing class, I felt so upset, I wanted go home. I could not understand what the professor was saying I could not even understand how to write an American style essay. When I was in Taiwan, I never wrote essays in English. My native language is Chinese, so I always wrote essays in Chinese. Writing a Chinese essay is natural for me. I do not to worry about grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. That was not the case in my American composition class. Therefore, I got a low grade on my first paper. At that time, I really wanted to give everything up.

After I wrote an e-mail to my professor and met with her. I told her I encountered great difficulties in learning writing. The professor told me not to feel frustrated. She told me to reread the textbook and keep writing, and every time, when I finish writing, she can help me to correct it. After I heard this, I felt relieved. I reread the textbook and started to remember the vocabulary. Then I tried to improve my essay every day, after I finished I gave my professor to correct it. Then I took my essay back, reread my mistakes, and rewrote it again. I wrote one essay per day for a month. I felt much better than before. My professor told me when I face trouble I would never give up.

When second essay came, I got a high grade. I could not wait to tell my friends and parents. I felt so happy to get this result.

“Never Give Up” is not just an encouragement phrase anymore. This phrase for me is a positive belief, because of my learning composition class experience. I will never forget that struggle throughout my life, because the struggle after I got good result. As an old saying goes, failure is the mother of all success. Keep doing something and you will achieve success. This is what I believe.