This I Believe

Amber - Mound Valley, Kansas
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: courage, war

Heroes are present on a daily basis. A person can be labeled as a hero for abundant reasons. They can be perceived as a hero if they save a person’s life, invent something valuable, or play a professional sport for example. Although there are several reasons that a person can be viewed as a hero, I think that when an individual protects a life, while they place another person’s life before their own, is the most heroic task that a person can achieve. Not many individuals achieve this objective; consequently the citizens that do are especially extraordinary. For example, soldiers are some of the most astonishing heroic people. They risk their lives on a daily basis to ensure liberty. Besides risking their lives, they also face dreadful concerns. In regards to the war in Iraq, there are many upsetting occurrences that transpire there everyday. My friend Luis served in the war, and he experienced many of the troubles directly. On many occasions he had to experience horrific weather conditions that would be intolerable to many. At times he had to be on guard, and he experienced excruciating cold weather firsthand. His body would shiver uncontrollably, and he experienced uneven, diminutive goose pimples across his arms and legs. As he breathed through his mouth, he witnessed his exhalation from the chilly air. He did not have appropriate clothing to warm his body, and he was freezing habitually. Despite the intense, bitter weather, he had to stay on watch to guarantee protection. Besides the cold temperatures, he also experienced malnourishment on many occasions. Without proper food intake, he became dizzy, tired, and dehydrated. He would feel whirling sensations, and he constantly felt like he was going to fall down because of his dizziness. Moreover, he was regularly depleted of energy, but he had to stay awake in order to provide defense. His mouth and lips were cracked and coarse because of his dehydrated body. Furthermore, because of the lack of food present, his preceding healthy frame became malnourished and emaciated. Finally, he experienced many distressing incidents based on his paranoia because of the war. Due to everything that he experienced, he feared that he would lose his life everyday. During something as uncomplicated as a car ride, he feared that he would be murdered. On one occasion, he had to travel through a town that he should not have been present in. He looked around his surroundings constantly, and he was persistently prepared to flee. He became aware of every detail surrounding him, and he was continuously alert. Luckily, nothing ghastly happened. All the same, Luis and all of the other soldiers visibly complete horrendous actions to ensure the safety and lives of other individuals. They put other people before themselves, and they put their lives in danger to guarantee autonomy. Their bravery is undoubtedly the main reason that I view them as being exceptionally heroic.