This I Believe

Brandon - tallahassee, Florida
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: war

War, war, war. How much good does it really do and is it worth everything we must go through to provide one? War is one of the most focused and centered parts of government in a vast majority of countries now a days. The U.S. and many other countries spend billions upon billions of dollars a year to support the military and keep fighting wars that are going on. Some of the most brilliant minds and life changing people are lost during war. The worst part about it is we will never know which of these individuals would have been the next Einstein since they are no longer around. We have lost billions of people, dollars in damages, spending on infantry and supplies, and hours of time on war and fighting them. Americans look down upon murders as scum of the earth, yet we spend a vast amount of our G.D.P. on training our own Americans to kill another culture because we tell them to. However, war serves its purposes. In a sense, it does prove who is the stronger country. One of the main reasons why the human race has survived is due to survival of the fittest. In the sense of war, it is understandable why we must prove who is the fittest so to say. However, we must be the fittest in surviving the globe and natural disasters instead of trying to determine which culture is the fittest and destroying the world that has survived the human race for so long. If a country bombs your country or something along those lines, it is only natural to retaliate. And this is ok, but the country does not necessarily have to go to extreme extents when retaliating. There will always be a multitude of stupid people out there who do stupid things, but money and time should be spent on finding those people first and stopping it rather than fighting and killing them when it is to late. I just wish the world would come together and realize that if everyone works together to get rid of terrorist and cultures with bad intentions that many things would become much better and safer: such as going out, more people could go on more vacations to almost anywhere without having to worry about being killed, things like that would make the world a much better and happier place to live. War does have its purpose and do good when exterminating the bad people in the world and keeping many people safe from relentless psycho paths, the world would revolve much smoother.