This I Believe

David - Oswego, Kansas
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

Is the bible true or just another Best Seller ?

I’m not an atheist, I believe there is a higher being that has brought about the human race and all that is around us. I don’t think that a billion years ago, there was some “big bang” and that creatures crawled out of the waters or that humans evolved from apes. I don’t really know how we came about, but I do know that someone, or something created us. I’ve often thought of the earth and the solar system being in some huge container, and that we are observed from far above, like we do with mice and fish. We’re like some big scientific experiment of some sort. I know it sounds crazy, but its just a thought I have. No, I don’t have a problem in believing in a higher being. I have a problem with the bible and the whole God loves his children. I’m not an angry person, and I have no reason to hate “God”. I just think there are to many contradictions between the bible and what is actually true. Plus, I am a father of four and I know how a father feels for his children. Because of these two thoughts, I question the authenticity of the bible.

Dinosaur bones can be found every where and to this day there are many different kinds of Dinosaur bones that have been found. There are references to “dragon” bones found in Wucheng, Sichuan, China over 2,000 years ago, in which many believe to have been dinosaur fossils. Then in 1676, a huge thigh bone was found in England. Dinosaur bones were popping up everywhere in the 1800’s and just today, a fully mummified hadrosaur was found in North Dakota. It is amazing that these bones are so real and yet the bible does not mention once about these monsters. The bible doesn’t even mention the destruction of the dinosaurs either. The bible supposedly enlightens us of the beginning of the earth with the animals that we know of today and the making of humans. If the stories are true in the bible, then there would have to be a chapter on the dinosaurs existence and their death prior to Adam and Eve. That is one reason I feel the bible is just another best seller. The second reason I doubt the reality of the good book, is the constant praising of how god is our father and he loves us. I am a father and I love my children. I watch the news at night and I find myself shaking my head in disbelief with all the hate that goes on in the world. Why would a father allow for this kind of behavior to go on with out stepping in and saying enough is enough? I would never sit there and allow for my children to get hurt if I could stop it. The bible has mentioned that “God” has the power to step in, but he doesn’t. Is he a father or is he an observer? I would say more like an observer of some big experiment.

I do believe there is a higher being, but I think the bible is full of fictional stories trying to guide people to do good things and to not do bad things. I think someone had their own ideas and like so many others through out the years, decided to write a book in hopes that it would make a difference in the world. I think the book is a good book, it gives people hope and faith.