This I Believe

Jared - Crawfordville, Florida
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: environment

In the world today, we struggle to walk the streets without finding new articles in news columns depicting horror around the world. We also have to deal with this when we turn on the television. These images of tyrants and terrorist groups will not go away. This would be manageable, if we didn’t have terrorists living among us, trying to break this great country down. We have a military unrivaled by any nation working its hardest to prevent any further harm to civilians in America. Yet we still have some “wanna be politicians” naming one of our top military generals a betrayer, a president willing to do anything to keep this country safe, and we still hear everyday about how bad things are in Washington, D.C. and America in general.

The mainstream media is diluting the minds of countless Americans as well as the rest of the world who read these articles and disperse what they believe about the U.S., just from what they have read in these so called credible sources. These journalists call themselves Americans, but really when all the information is out in the open, they are the equivalent to “Mean Girls” in our high schools. These reporters write anything to sell an article. The media uses their power to shape public opinion. They join the politicians in Washington in their thirsty ideals for a Socialist country. These politicians’ sole purpose in office is to defame any good in the action of our military and government in order to place the democrats in full power, thus creating a more Socialist government. These hypocrites, who claim they only want America to be a better place, are holding America back from being as great as it possibly could.

On top of the chaos in Washington, we also have our Nobel Peace Prize brought down to an all time low as the winner of the prize is a hypocrite in every sense of the word. I have a hard time grasping the truth about global warming, greenhouse gasses, and carbon emissions, when our weather forecasters cannot even predict tomorrow’s forecast correctly. What I can understand is that Al Gore can have a conference on the effects of global warming and then immediately afterward fly in his multi-million dollar jet (which the funding comes from his carbon off-set organization) to his next destination, thus creating more carbon emissions than I will in one year.

When I graduated from high school this past summer, I thought I was done with these childish acts, such as rumors and lies to make a certain group or person feel better about themselves. I actually believe it quite humorous, when I think about it. I, as a nineteen year old college student, am more mature than some of our government officials and mainstream media.