My Creed

Nick - Westminster, Maryland
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: nature

I believe in God. I believe when I see the sun rise in the morning and set at twilight. I believe when I see the joy and light in a small child’s face. I believe when I see someone help another for no reason at all. I believe when I feel the butterflies in my stomach that come with new love, and the feeling of warmth that only family or close friends can give you.

If there weren’t a God I feel as though none of this would be as perfect as it is, and that things would be far more random. As random as life does seem at times, there is a certain order and beauty to it all, guidelines that make life possible. Everything seems too well thought out to have been a product of chaos, as the big bang theory would suggest. Simple things rarely thought about such as the air we breathe, and the gravity that allowed for the formation of the Earth itself, are amazing in the way that they enable life. I believe that building blocks were set in place by a creator, building blocks that could grow and evolve into what we have today, like God’s own personal garden. This isn’t to say that life is purely mechanical, we have something that sets us apart, something unexplainable: our ability to feel, to appreciate art and music, it comes from somewhere that is difficult for science to pinpoint. I believe that all of these extras, things that really don’t have a definitive basis in survival, are things that point to a God.

When I walk through the woods, I can’t imagine that the things I see are purely accidental, like the grass that cushions my feet, the flowers that mix sweet smells into the air, the insects and birds that seemingly sing for my enjoyment alone, or the water that refreshes both body and soul. Its only when I leave the wild that I find the problems in this world, and the ugliness: cement covering every square inch of earth, rows upon rows of buildings that look the same, or less concrete things like greed, prejudice and war. These things are all products of man, a creature in the awkward position of being part of nature, but also having the ability to alter it.

The perfection in the design of nature needs no more evidence than the fact that science has been trying to replicate it, mostly unsuccessfully, since its very inception. Scientists have been attempting to replicate the strength of a spider’s web, or the dragonfly’s style of flight, finding the best designs usually gravitate towards something influenced by nature, even in this technological age. I believe that our existence is due to much more than chance, and that the beauty and perfection in nature are proof of this.