Medical Marijuana

Maribeth - pellston, Michigan
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe medical marijuana should be legalized. There are hundreds of patients and doctors who have testified at public hearings that marijuana does have medical benefits. For example, marijuana or cannabis has helped HIV patients gain weight and have an improved immune function. When Glaucoma patients smoke marijuana, the pressure in their eye, which causes vision loss is relieved. In patients with multiple sclerosis marijuana reduces tremors, spasms, and it also prevents nerve damage caused by the disease. Cannabis also relieves pain, nausea, and vomiting in cancer patients. This drug is less toxic than many drugs prescribed today, so what’s the big deal?

I don’t understand why our federal government legalizes alcohol over medical marijuana. Alcohol is not only responsible for millions of deaths each year but drinking alcohol also increases aggressive behavior, violent crimes, sexual assault, and domestic violence. Why is it okay for people to use one of the most toxic and addictive drugs that also impairs cognitive thinking, and over long time use causes cancers, alcoholism, cirrhosis of the liver, and fetal alcohol syndrome in babies? There has never been a death or any documented case of lung cancer in a marijuana-only smoker. Cannabis also decreases violent, aggressive behavior and stress, why is it still illegal?

When my dad would come home drunk he would be mean, loud, violent, and belligerent, not to mention he could barley hold him self up or say anything without slurring is words. On the other hand when my dad was high, he was always making jokes, being a dad, and making food. I believe marijuana is one of the safest, controversial medical treatments that should be available to every patient without legal or social consequences.