This I Believe

jennifer-lynn - albuquerque, New Mexico
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe essay by: Jenny Koss

I believe in magic. I believe that anyone can possess some type of magic. I believe that magic is all around us in every shape and form. I believe that people should know that there are still magic, witches, and convents still out there.

Magic is a gift given to some at birth. Others have awakenings. Me, I was inspired by a few things: friends, the TV series Charmed, and Harry Potter. You could say it’s an obsession, but I call it a working progress. I work at having an active power, but I can only make spells.

Since spells are all I can do right now, I have no one to test my spells with. There is a spell I made to share thoughts, but it requires two people for it to work. There are also spells that I would like to use as curses on some, but I’d use my magic for good most of the time. I use white magic and black, but mostly white.

One of my powers that I’m working on is making wishes come true…not like a djinn or genie does…but by wishing on a certain star. Right now I’m just trying to perfect this power, so that if someone wants their wish to come true, I can make it happen, and it would happen during the week that I made the wish.

One of my friends said and I quote “we should do magic together and make spells together and make our own convent.” So we did some magic together, and we even started doing a love potion, and after we graduate, we are going to meet up in Cali and start our convent. My friend and I had some good times now that I think about it…

That’s all I have to say about this but I would have to write, like, over a thousand words just to say everything about this, and about my experiences.