This I Believe

brandon - auburn, Washington
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

What I believe…

What I believe in is to just be you. Don’t try and be somebody else because it’s cool. If people don’t like you, who cares. Your life shouldn’t concern them, nor should you allow them to. Life is about you and what matters to you. I thought I would be cool if I changed who I was all, all that happened to me was I became more depressed and also less cool to the kids in school. Also being something your not wouldn’t make you feel better, if you do make more friends, you wont be happy putting on a “costume” everyday, you’ll just feel bad when you start doing things you don’t want or like to do.

In my life I try to be me and nothing more. I’m not perfect, nor am I always a good person, but I have friends who know me for me and that’s all I need. To have a few great friends is a whole lot better than have a lot of good friends, like friends you might just hang out with at school. A great friend will be there for you, if you need some one to talk to a great friend will be there.

To be yourself means to just be you. It’s easier to be you. Why try to make an effort at being fake. When trying to be something else you might be come depressed. When you are depressed you are always sad tired and have a feeling of just not caring. Life is like a blur. Life passes you by you forget everything, forget life. Sometimes depression leads to suicide. Suicide is the take of ones own life, to kill you. When life gets hard sometimes the only way out is death.

What does it mean to be a young person in America? Does it mean being rich and famous, or smart and wealthy. Does it mean being part of a gang or just being you? Most people in America stress to be the one everybody likes. Young people theses days buy likes because of the name. Why buy something that is made by a designer that is the same thing as something from Wal-Mart or sears. What, because you have the money? We throw away so much money on stupid crap.

Yeah life gets hard and yeah there will be people who hate just because you are different. But, in all seriousness, what can you do? Anyway you don’t need people like that to be around you. Judgmental people just make me sick. Live life to the fullest and just be you. When life gets rough, as it will, just remember that all bad times passes with time and life goes on.

Why is it that people make life so hard of is people who are different or don’t like all the stuff that’s cool at the time. You don’t have to go out and buy something just because it’s cool. Life your life the way you want to live it. Just be yourself. That’s what I believe in, to just be you.