This I Believe

Gustavo - albuqurque, New Mexico
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Ok I believe in music cause it is good to listen and sometimes or all the time

It has a Meaning to it like don’t cry sometimes u have to be Strong and don’t

Kill your self over some one else. And sometimes it is bad to listen and

Some times it is good to listen to because u can learn from it. And music

Sometimes can even trigger a memory in your brain of an event or an

Incident that Happened in the past. And that memory can make u cry or

Laugh and u can even have a lot have fun. And there are a lot of different

Kinds of music like there is rap, hip hop, rock, jazz, Latino, and r & b. And

There a lot of different kinds of music artist Latino, African, American,

Hispanic, and Cubans and music relax you or calms you down if you are

having a very bad day or you are just depressed about something and it is a

good thing to listen to when you are driving and you have nothing to do.