This I Believe

chelsea - scottsdale, Arizona
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Chelsea Hamill.

I believe love is the movement. The world today seems to be so cold, heartless and though we hide it, helpless. The world needs to change, and change is possible. But if it doesn’t happen we will all fall apart.

One problem with the world today is depression. There are so many contributors to depression. Some people have horrible home lives. For instance some one may have abusive parents, or parents with drug or alcohol problems. Some times the problem is in school. Some kids are made fun of and put down every day by school bullies. Then there is the problem with addiction in teenagers, they can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, cutting, and many other things. Some kids end up really hating themselves and their whole lives because these problems are so damaging.

All those things can lead to suicide and depression. Suicide is always the wrong choice, no matter what! Unfortunately sometimes people get so depressed and helpless that they make that choice. I believe there are ways to save these people and reach out to them. I believe there is hope for them.

There is a foundation called “To write love on her arms” it is a non-profit foundation for depression, addiction, cutting, suicide, and things like that. The have a website ( where you can donate money to cause like depression. They also have merchandise like clothing hats and bags and the proceeds go to depression also. It began a story of a girl who was lost and this group of people took her in and probably saved her life. They provide hope and love for any one who is willing to accept it. They believe love is the movement.

Change can happen in the world. If we loved one another and loved our selves we could change the whole world. If more people could be like “To write love on her arms”.

How they’re so loving and caring, hopeful and selfless, if we all took responsibility then I believe happiness could be possible for every one.