This I Believe

Debbie - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

This I Believe

I believe love is happiness. Love for music, love for family, love for everything. With love for different things, comes a life full of bliss and happiness.

When I go back to the older generations, our world was raciest, judgmental and one-minded. We only loved one thing and with one love there is only portioned happiness. As Aropostel said, “Happiness depends on ourselves,” I can only imagine if everyone glanced to their side and did not judge what they didn’t understand, our world would be a much more pleasurable place to live. There is only one hate and that hate as well depends on us. With one hate creates many different ones, and with such diverse cultures and traditions, to hate seems so simple. However in reality hate is the easiest to say but the hardest to actually feel.

I believe love is happiness because what more brings you that divine sensation of true contentment. Does the yelling and fighting, or disappointed and depression make people happy? No, the smiles and accomplishments of doing what you love will bring you that pure happiness. The love for playing sports or an instrument brings you satisfaction. Being with your friends and family or holding hands with someone you care about brings you happiness. My love for soccer creates a true happiness above anything. My love for family and friends makes me so incredibly happy as well. The simple things I love, allow the greatest happiness to exist. It is the simple forms of love that create an enormous amount of happiness and joy, and without love there is no true happiness.

I believe love is happiness because my deepest most genuine love gives me the most true and purest happiness. If there were not love and compassion then what truly what make us happy. When there is happiness, it’s created by, at least a tiny form of care and love and both produce a better world. I believe love is happiness because without either, what would make me love and what would make me happy?