This I Believe

Bonnie - Spokane, Washington
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

I believe in going to church. Every Sunday I go to church. My church doesn’t have a priest or a congregation. It has no stained glass or holy water. My church has no reconciliation or communion. My church has no ceiling or walls. From the lovely sun to the biting cold I slap on my walking shoes on every Sunday and go where my heart takes me. Most of the time my heart takes me through an ancient forest or to a quiet park, but sometimes it leads me to the inner city where I can get lost in the throngs of people. My church is a place where I go just for myself where my mind can clear and my soul can mediate.

I believe in Bob Marley. Every Sunday at church I go back to my roots. I massage my mind mass to ball up all of the stresses of daily life; school, work, friends, boyfriends, parents, finances, all of my electronic malfunctions. That stress ball in my head sometimes moves down to my chest and I wait till I’m in the center of my church and exhale, scream, or sing. All the while when I am meditating Bob Marley is playing in my head. It can be anything from “Three Little Birds” singing “don’t worry, about a thing, cause every little thing, is goin’ be alright” to “Easy Skanking” to “No Woman no Cry”. Ever since I was a youngling Bob Marley was always that soothing soundtrack playing on my ancient record player in the back of my room. Although seemingly simple his lyrics spoke to a people in desperation, he grew up in the ghetto of Jamaica and had cancer before his thirtieth birthday yet he continued to find the greater things in life and to remind us all to take a second and remember just how wonderful it truly is. I often ask myself “What would Bob Marley do?” and try to remember to take that deep breath and reflect on how truly blessed I am.

I believe in the power of the Universe. When family members are sick, nothing is going as planned, and it just seems like it couldn’t get any worse I try to remember to trust in the power of the Universe. To put it simply I believe that every challenge we are faced with in life is put in front of us for a reason, that reason could be to learn to grow, collapse, love, understand, to stop, or to set out. My mom always used to tell me that before we are in the flesh our spirits choose our parents, I remember this when we disagree or go through a struggle because I believe that we are a family for a reason.

I believe in going to my church because it helps me to remember to stay connected and be an active member in my life and others.