This I Believe

Juan - san diego, California
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

How many

of us

are There

Friends are a very big part of your life and not just while your growing up but throughout your entire life. They can be such an important part of your life. You could say that they are like a second family. Just knowing that there are people that will help me out when I’m feeling down or get me out of bind. Sometimes I think about good I have it being surrounded be such great friends.

Knowing that there is a group of people separate from your family that you could connect to in ways that you might not be able to do so with your family. When I think about it my friends probably know more about me than my family does and that’s why they can better understand what I might be going through.

I remember the day that my friends mom died. It was already bad enough that she died but that very same day my friends sister was having a very special birthday party. My friends mom wanted the party to continue as if nothing had happened.

My friends and I knew we had to be there for my friend and his family. So we had the party and made sure that it was so fun that they would forget that there mom had just passed away that very morning. After the party was over the next morning we all went to my other friends house and began to celebrate the life of my friends mother.

The next few days we just did what we could to help them out anything that they needed. We didn’t just help them out with there money problems but we were there to support them emotionally. We would talk with them and just remember the good time we had with his mom. Like when she would take us to the park for football practice or when she would through together huge barbeques for everyone from the block.

Looking back, I saw how great my friends were and know that they would be there for me in case something like that would happen to me. It makes feel good just to have them as my friends and knowing that I can count on them to help me out with whatever. The feeling of having a group of people besides your family that cares so much about me makes me feel so incredible good.

Having friends there during the good times as well as the bad times makes living life just that much better.