I believe in generosity.

Leslie - san deigo, California
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I learned from my deceased grandmother, just how incredibly generous one could be, by just lending a helping hand. Especially when there wasn’t a hand that was easy to lend. My grandmother died when I was twelve years old. Upon her death, the preacher met our entire family at my grandparents’ house to discus the life of my grandmother. It was at this meeting where I truly learned the meaning of generosity.

As my family was telling stories of my grandmothers’ life, I quickly noticed a pattern. My grandmother was a stern lady, who had a heart of gold, and was always willing to lend a helping hand. One story that I heard that evening was of my grandmother meeting a pregnant woman who was struggling to come up with the necessities of baby products. Now, my grandparents were not wealthy, and didn’t have too much money of their own to spare; however, when my grandmother heard of this ladies situation, she immediately sent my grandfather out the store to get this lady the necessities, including everything from a crib, to a stroller, to clothes. She did this for no other reason, but out of generosity.

There were many stories that night of my grandmothers’ generosity. All of which left the entire family touched and inspired to be more generous to those around us.

Another one of the stories told that night was about how my grandparents had just bought my oldest uncle a new pair of shoes. He wore them to school, and when he came home, he wasn’t wearing them. Upon inquisition of the situation, my grandmother learned that my uncle had given the shoes away to one of the boys in his class. It so happened that that boy had a brother, and the two of them had to alternate coming to school every other day, because they only had one pair of shoes between the two of them. When my grandmother heard this she once again sent my grandfather to the store to get this family some clothes and shoes.

Now, I took from that evening a new perspective on generosity. I was only twelve and did not have the money to help others out like my grandmother could, but I still wanted to do something nice for those in need. So it was at that next thanksgiving dinner that I decided, with my mother, to make a complete meal plate and donate it to a homeless person. The first time we went out to do this, the man we gave it to was so thankful and appreciative of our generosity that it warmed our hearts. And now ever since that has become a tradition with my mother and me, in remembrance of my grandmother.

My grandmother was the most generous lady, and I have learned from her, and now truly believe in generosity. Helping ones neighbors out in a time of need it a completely amazing thing.