This I Believe

Alex - 12601, New York
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe…

I believe one should stop and smell the roses. This term has been around probably longer than I have; but it holds its weight in gold. I can still remember fragments of time when I was 5 years old in kindergarten. It all seems like a flash, and here I’ am, senior in college.

I didn’t just set the goal of going to college at the age of 5, but I took a journey to make it there. I didn’t spend every single second absorbed in a book, just to get good grades. If I did that the world would have whizzed by me, perhaps without me even noticing. Sure I have set high standards in my life, but I always deemed it necessary to stop and appreciate the smaller things in life.

My first year at college was an amazing experience. Meeting people that I probably will be friends with for the rest of my life. However my grades weren’t so good freshman year; I was placed on terminal probation. I was extremely let down by this, especially because I have always been a good student my entire life. Now I’m doing excellent in school, getting over a 3.5 for several semesters. Freshman year was only the beginning of my journey to complete college. It was perhaps the most important part, because without freshman year I would lack experience when it came to doing well in school.

Another aspect of my life where this saying is very relevant is my martial arts training. Of course the ultimate goal is the rank of black belt. But if that is the only thing you want to achieve you are sadly mistaken. I’m not even a black belt myself but I have learned so much valuable knowledge on the road to obtaining my black belt. Every day you learn something new, something to improve. If you just set your sights on the goal of black belt right away, you might miss some of the finer details in your training that will inevitably make you a better, overall martial artist.

I believe that life is a journey and in order to make the most of our journey is to stop and smell the roses. To stop and appreciate the finer things in life, to enrich ourselves and others. If you keep rushing to one goal or get to absorbed in one thing, you may wake up one morning and realize your kids are going to college, and where did all the time go? It is up to you alone to appreciate the life that god gave you, to appreciate everything in your life, because it can be taken away from you at any moment.