Everyday Is a Holiday

Alpha - Chula Vista, California
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

While other kids in my classes always looked forward to searching for eggs with chocolate or money during Easter, or dressing up as his or her favorite cartoon character for Halloween, or anxiously waiting for Christmas morning to ravage through gift-wrapped boxes to see if he or she got the present he or she was hoping for, I did not have anything specific to look forward to celebrating. I grew up not celebrating holidays—I was raised and still am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Though I live my life without looking forward to specific holidays, I believe that everyday is a holiday, a day worth celebrating.

Most people are happy when the holiday season around the end of the year rolls around, but I feel happy all year long. Of course there are numerous times during the year when I want to pull out my hair or gauge my eyes out thanks to stress from school or family or even worse, both, but when that does happen, I know I will get through with it sooner or later. No matter how long it takes, I just know that I will be happy that it’s done and over with at the end. That’s enough to keep me happy until the next problem, or midterm, comes around my way. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. I appreciate the little things in life—lame jokes, ladybugs, or even good books—and that’s enough to make me happy.

Most people only exchange gifts at birthdays and holidays, but I would randomly give and receive gifts throughout the year. I love the feeling of surprise when I would get gifts at random times of the year from my loved ones. I was always very appreciative of the gift because I know it was given to me because it was from the heart, and not because it was from the heart pushed with a bit of obligation.

Most people look forward to certain days of the year, but I look forward to each and everyday. Some gifts are better than others; some days are better than others, but that does not ruin the idea that it is still a gift, that it is another day. Every waking day is a gift to me.

A holiday is usually a custom. I don’t believe in most of those customs that have become the foundations for official days off from work. I never felt deprived of the festive celebrations that came around at certain times of the year because there is something to celebrate each day—life.