This I Believe

Trishtain - Auburn, Washington
Entered on December 4, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

As a young adult living in America today I have personally delt with many responsibilities, just as everyone else in the world has. As the years have gone by things have became much easier for us with the help of technology.

We have advanced so far, from way back when we didn’t even have TV. Most people can’t even remember not having TV and would never want to live without one. We have also invented so many things that have changed our lives in many different aspects. Without the help of technology some people may not have even been alive today. For example, the advances we have made in medicine have helped us to rise the average death age much higher than many years ago. It has helped save lives

Although a lot of the new technology is great and it helps to make things a lot easier for Americans, it can also be a little too much. Many of the changes have caused us to become one of the laziest countries in the world, which is not a good thing that can be helped. It is an amazing opportunity to get to experience some of the things offered to us. Lots of people would love to have many of the great opportunities that we have, although many Americans seem to take advantage of the possibilities. If we were to use the knowledge we have of technology for more practical and helpful reasons then “I Believe” that this will help our country to progress and become a lot stronger.