This I Believe

Scott - Black Diamond, Washington
Entered on December 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: pleasure

I believe that if you are a young person living in America you should take advantage of your freedoms that you lose as you get older. When you are younger you do not need to get a job or pay bills. You can just relax and take life as it comes. I almost never worry about what is going on down the road. I believe that everything will work out, and there is no point in worrying about things that are a ways off right now. Enjoy the free time you have now as you won’t always have that time when you get older and you have to get a job and have to work to cover gas money, food, and other expenses.

I never worry about what the future holds for me and instead focus on the here and now and enjoy it while I can. What the point of living if you don’t really “live”. When you get older and look back at your life what you would you rather remember, all the things you spent your time worrying about or all the fun you had? How many times have you spent time worrying about things just to find out that they ended up working themselves out without any input from you? How much time did you end up wasting worrying about it, that you could have spent doing something much more “constructive”? you will have plenty of time later when you get older to worry about things so just kick back relax and handle the situations as they come not ages before they do.

Too many people worry way too much and usually over the little things. Most of the time when people overanalyze the situation they mess up. This is caused from thinking to hard about it. If they would just let things take their natural course most of the time everything would work out.