This I Believe

Justin - Auburn, Washington
Entered on December 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe… Justin E. Arreola

There are many ordeals and hardships one must face while being a young adult and living in America. Though the times have gotten better compared to our past, there are still problems that people must face. Like the problem of being accepted by your peers. From day to day people are constantly trying to understand “why I am the way I am.” I don’t dress to the fashion of a particular group. I find it very odd that people like to buy clothes they really don’t need just to make sure that everyone knows they’re “gangster”. For the fact that I do have friends who are gay or sometimes act like it everyone has to jump to a conclusion that I am. I am what I choose to be and that is what is important. I do hate the fact that people pass rumors about me and try to make like I’m something that they don’t even know if I am.

Due to this fact I am made fun of. There are a lot of rumors go around about me being gay or a fag. With the constant name calling most people would think that the average person would go out and retaliate. The funny thing is that I really don’t care what they have to say about me. Now for the fact I haven’t given them the response they wanted which I would assume is a come back to all of their harassment. They get even more frustrated and try to keep going on their rant. The constant people asking if I’m bi or have I done things with the same gender is very upsetting but also very pathetic. I can’t help but get mad because no one likes people saying shit about them, but at the same time I feel sorry for the fact that their lives are so worthless they have to try and make other peoples lives just as bad. I don’t really have a problem with anyone but a lot of people seem to have a problem with me. Due to the fact they don’t know what my sexuality is they are continually trying to bash or make fun of me. I am bisexual. I really don’t have a problem with being that but everyone is so anti-homosexual that I feel the need to suppress my sexuality and keep it to myself. I’m not some rapist out to come and get all the guys in school which is what most guys seem to think.

I really don’t understand why people who don’t even know me would go out of their way just to try and look cool in front of their older peers. It really is a strange thing to see a person just randomly come at me with verbal assaults and get frustrated because I really don’t give a damn. I truly do understand what it means to be accepted by everyone. It truly does make life so much easier sometimes. But also, if you have all that popularity it also makes life incredibly difficult at times too. You have to dress a certain way. You have to associate with people you may not even like. I have found that even though people accepted me for being what they wanted and buying crap I didn’t really need they really weren’t there for me like I want friends to be.

I believe that being happy and content with yourself is what you should strive to be. I do have many friends. I’m not just some random hateful loner who has no friends, so he has to write about how they aren’t great. That isn’t it. I love have the support of my friends and family. The fact that I do make the choice to associate with people who want same gender relationships does not mean that I want one. And even if I do that is for me to decide and live with my choice, not for anyone else to try and tell me otherwise about how I should live my life. You should make every choice because it is the one that you feel is right. Having the faith to stand on your own and make life out what you want it to be is one of the hardest things to do but also one of the most rewarding things, because at the end of the day you can say I made it on my own and did it my way.