A Year long Spirit of Christmas

Dave - Logan, Utah
Entered on December 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that kindness and selflessness is the key to true happiness. I believe that if you are considerate and compassionate about the feelings and wellbeing of others before yourself you can obtain a level of self-worth and self confidence that can’t be obtained otherwise. I feel that if we were more focused outwardly instead of inwardly our lives would have more meaning furthering our happiness. I have found in my life that as I have done my best to consider others feeling before my own my gratitude far exceeds the feelings I get when I suffice my own desires.

During this time of year I have felt it the most, the Christmas season is the perfect time for us to put our desires aside and try to constantly concern ourselves with the needs of others. One year I remember there was a family in our neighborhood who did not have a father. The mother of the five children was able to provide the bare minimum for them. My dad suggested that we make them a Christmas basket. We went to the store and found the biggest basket we could find and filled it with all sorts of food and presents and toys. It took both my dad and I to carry it and on Christmas Eve we carried it to the front door of their apartment, we rang the doorbell and all took off running. We watched from a distance as they opened the door and all stared at the huge basket full of stuff. Their mom began to cry as the three younger boys struggled to drag the basket into their house. It was one of the best feelings I have ever had. I knew that even though material things are not the key to happiness that Christmas would be one they would remember and appreciate forever.

Since that Christmas we have tried to do something like that each year and I can’t help but think what if we had this spirit of giving and thinking of other all year round, could we have that happiness all year round? I believe we can. I believe that if we are always think of ways to serve each other and be there for one another, putting others’ feelings and needs before our own we can have joy like this all year long.