This I Believe

Adrienne - Lanham, Maryland
Entered on December 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem, death

On Monday November 5, 2007, with 17 year old Alyson Purvis driving, Ryan Purvis her 14 year old brother, and two additional passengers, Kathryn Singleton, 17, and Marina Ybarra, 16 were in a car accident. Alyson died at the scene while her brother died several days later from his injuries. The other two girls survived.

On Tuesday November 6, 2007 16 year old Jonathan Chapman, driving with his friends on the way back from a basketball workout was speeding and lost control of his car. Overcorrecting and entering into the other lane resulted in their car getting struck by an oncoming trail blazer. Jonathan Chapman, 16 year old Tavonne Alston, 15 year old Dionnte Swinson, died at the scene while 14 year old Donte Segar died later that night in the hospital. The sole survivor, 17 year old Markus Allen was hospitalized with severe injuries.

Six teenagers out of eight died in two days. They were all great students in school, very well-known, and all under the age of eighteen. The thought of this brings tears to my eyes. While I didn’t know any of the victims just to hear how successful they were in school and how they had their lives planned out makes me feel the pain. I believe life is to short and that no matter what you are going through, you should live their life to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised today. Make changes in your life before it is too late. Don’t hold grudges or have strong dislike towards one. In the end if anything where to happen to that person, you will be the one left feeling some type of fault and sadness. Deaths like this are wake-up calls for the young and people like me. You have to take advantage of life treating others the way you expect to be treated. Love more everyday no matter what adversarial situations confront you. Tomorrow is not promised today. When my day comes, and I hope it won’t be tomorrow, I want to be remembered as a good person who succeeded in realizing my aspirations. I don’t want to be remembered as a young adult who dies too early before fulfilling my potential as did the six teenagers. I want to leave a good impression and be remembered as someone great just as the teenagers who have past been. Everyone should live their lives to the fullest as if it were there last day on earth. Tomorrow is not at all promised today.

I know I have changed my life around; I love my family more realizing that nothing in life is guaranteed; I am taking my studies seriously because education is an imperative if I am to be successful. I let it be known to people close to me that I love them just in case God calls me to come home early. So to those in doubt just know that you should always live your life to the fullest because as I said before “Tomorrow is not promised today.” This is what I believe.