This I Believe

Jeremy - Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Entered on December 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I Believe

The last time I saw my friend Steve, we had a little tussle. I had gotten into a fist fight with one of his friends. Steve tried to break it up, but I was on a mission. I threw him out of the way and continued to pummel my enemy. Steve left the party soon after. The next day I thought about what I had done to Steve, and just blew it off. We had never fought before, and I knew he wouldn’t let it bother him. He’s a very forgiving person. Steve left that day to Duluth, where he was going to pick his friend up. They were going somewhere out of state to race motocross.

Later that night I was over at my girlfriend’s house. I was dating Ashley, and Steve was dating her sister, Kara. Kara ran down the basement stairs. She was bawling and she tried to avoid us. She ran straight into her room. “What’s wrong?” asked Ashley. Through sobs, shrieks, and cries we got the message. Steve had fallen off a deck while drinking at party in Duluth and broke his neck. He was in a coma with little chance of survival.

When I found out, my heart stopped. The world seemed to disappear from me. I couldn’t even hear the people who were talking to me and my vision blurred. All my memories of Steve filled my head: double dates, the fun times at the pit, the road trips we took. Then I remembered our last conversation and dropped to my knees. I didn’t want our friendship to end with such a bad incident.

A few days later I finally had a day off from work. I finally had a chance to go and see Steve. I know that going to visit him while he was in a coma is going to be the hardest thing that I’d ever done. I could just picture the whole thing in my head while on my drive to Ashley’s house. My friend is in a bed and comatose. Then there would be me. I’d be waiting for him to snap out of it and talk. I’d rather cut my own eyes out than to say goodbye to a close friend like that.

I finally arrived at Ashley’s house. She met me in the driveway with tears in her eyes. “Steve is dead,” I heard through more tears. This destroyed me. I didn’t get to say goodbye to him.

But this incident brought a new life within me. I realized that I had to change my life. I quit doing things that brought me down. No more getting jealous. No more getting mad. No more getting drunk. I became a better friend. I believe that you should always be there for your friends when they need you. I just wish I hadn’t had to lose a friend to realize it.