This I Believe

Jaelin - Morganton, North Carolina
Entered on December 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Life: That’s Just What It Is

I believe that life isn’t about rags or riches; it’s about what I want to become in life and succeed while doing it. The millions of dollars will come later, just not now. I would rather have an education and be someone and earn the millions of dollars than be a stuck up person with no life and have money as a savior.

I believe that if you have a dream, fight for it. Never stop until you get it. I believe that you should take pride, but always remember to be yourself. Never let someone tell you who you need to be or what job you need to do in life. My mama once told me, “Never follow in someone else’s footsteps, lead a path of your own.” I believe that one day I will become the best pediatrician ever. I love to work with kids and I want my own business. That has always been my dream.

If I believe in what I want I will achieve it. Every since I was little, my grandpa always said,” Some things are better unsaid than said”. That means only positive words should come out of my mouth, and never negative. Being positive and always positive betters my life in succeeding in what I want. Integrity is what will get me through life. Life is a harsh thing; I will need anything and everything to get through it. That’s why it is so important to have an education. Without and education, I wouldn’t get anywhere in life.

Life teaches a lesson; I go through obstacles everyday to learn from them. If I learn from them, I will better myself in life by succeeding in what I want.