Banning Abortions

Darlene - Gulfport, Mississippi
Entered on December 3, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: birth, children

I believe that abortion should not be banned in America because far too many young ladies have children they are not emotionally and financially ready for. America is not like it used to be. There are far many things for people to get caught up with such as hanging out at night clubs, bars, drugs, all types of erratical television shows, cell phones, blackberries, computers (which can be addictive). These types of things take attention from children if the parent is not in tuned and does not have the interest in him/her. Years ago all these types of distractions did not exist.

I have a niece that had her child at a young age and she’s emotionally unavailable to take care of her daughter properly. Although grateful for my little cousin’s life if it were not for my sister who raises her, the world my niece would’ve created for her daughter would’ve been extremely dysfunctional.

Many young ladies like my niece have babies too soon and other family members take care of their responsibilities. There are many instances where women are less fortunate and do not have the support and often times these are the cases that we hear and read about on television and the newspaper. Children getting abused, neglected, abandoned, and unfortunately ultimately killed. Women that know they can not appropriately take care of children should have the right to abort. A vast majority of women that have unwanted children are angry, depressed, overwhelmed and or ignorant about taking care of a child and themselves. Due to the emotional disorder they have tendencies to be very short with patience and shake or hit the children which can cause death. Other times they leave them with people that they did not do back ground checks on and can get abused by the unfit caretaker or left in a house or apartment alone.

These are mild examples of the things that can happen to unwanted children.

No child should have to live their lives in fear or torture.

When children are abused and neglected they take it out on other people which would be their peers, who are my children and yours. I wouldn’t like my child to be abused verbally or physically by another or exposed to the things that go on in an unstable home. Children in grades as low as 1st are bringing guns and drugs to school from their homes.

I believe this is one of the reasons there is so much crime in the world. The neglected and abused children are hurt and angry. They take it out on others and their future generations get treated the same if not worse and in turn it is taken out on society. This creates room for more crime and violence.

I feel that abortions can prevent some of these types of things from occurring.

I as well as the rest of Americans have to pay more taxes because the parents that have the children they wanted to abort need to receive public assistance because they are financially unfit.