This I Believe

April - Morganton, North Carolina
Entered on December 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

Don’t Regret

I know there are many times when people regret what they have done. I used to be one of them. When I was little, I always regretted doing or not doing many things. There were many time that I regretted something. In elementary school, I regretted not trying hard enough when I was playing sports with my classmates. There was also a time when I regretted linking a classmate. Another time was when a friend that I had really liked asked me to be his girlfriend, but I turned him down because I wasn’t really into guys at the time. I turned him down really bad and I think I hurt his feelings too, so I regretted what I said to him a lot after I thought about it.

The biggest thing I regretted was telling people secrets. In middle school, I met new friends and there were many problems. There were so many times when I regretted being many people’s friend in middle school. By the middle of 7th grade, I learned not to regret things anymore because you do the things you do for a reason. At the time, I had watched many Korean movies, and in them they always say, “I won’t regret anything that I am doing or have done.” I learned then that I shouldn’t regret anything.

Only losers regret what they’ve done. I know there are many times that I do things wrong, but the only thing that I can really do is apologize if I can and move on. It’s not like I can go back in time and re-do everything. There are times when I get mad at myself for doing something that I didn’t mean to do. I’ll never regret it though, for I know I did it for a reason. That reason had to have been good enough for me: otherwise, I would have never done it in the first place. So I learned not to regret anything that I do, even though I do get mad at myself at times for doing stupid things. Afterwards, I move on, for I know that if I stay mad at myself for a long period of time, then I’ll never get anything accomplished.

This is one of my favorite mottos, so I always keep it in mind and I never forget it! I know regretting is sometimes a normal habit that people have, but I think that people should forgive and forget. It used to be a habit for me, but I have learned that there is no point in regretting since you can’t do anything about it. So I forgive myself for the mistakes that I have made, forget the wrong that I have done, and move on. I believe that I can’t change that past, so I can only hope to learn from my mistakes.