This I Believe

Carey - Morganton, North Carolina
Entered on December 3, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Dreams from my mother

When I was small, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Like all the other kids, I thought of being famous, a fashion icon, doctor, or a lawyer. As I got older, I realized that, yes, those were all good ideas, and yes, each one would make lots of money, but I also figured out that none of them was what I wanted to do. My parents always wondered what career path I would choose, so it made me start to wonder, too. I wanted to make them proud, so I found and idea that I liked that reminded me of them. Most of my character traits I see in both my mother and father because they have shaped me into the type of person I am today. From my father, I have a passion for animals and history, and from my mother, the idea that I can do what I want no matter what lifestyle I grow up in, and that I can change it for the better. I know for a fact that this is true because to me, her life is a living example. When my mother was a child she grew up in a very unstable home, and eventually she had to be adopted, but she never let that get in the way of having a successful life and being a great mother. I thought hardest of all the passions in my life, what would make me happy and what I could spend the rest of my life doing without regretting it. At first, I thought I might want to be a veterinarian, but I also took into mind that I would never be able to put an animal down, so I immediately crossed that idea out. After that, I turned to the idea of history. I knew I liked it, and I knew that I wouldn’t mind becoming a teacher for a history class. I know some people that I go to school with think being a teacher would be horrible and want to do something more fun, but my mother works at the school and is friends with a lot of the staff and teachers. They all get together and hang out with each other every Friday. I see how much fun they have, and I notice that if anyone is ever having a problem that someone is always willing to help out. They are co-workers, but somewhere along the line, they have become a sort of family to each other where they can always depend on one another is they ever have any problems. Watching them work at school and having fun doing it made me realize that this is what I want to do. I believe that work can and should be enjoyable, not just a dreaded event that happens to put food on the table, and it should help me make something of myself. Doing what I love is my American dream, and it is something that I am willing to work hard for to see come true.