I believe in living life without fear.

Derrick - Norfolk, Virginia
Entered on December 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: fear

Fear has the power to affect every decision someone makes in their life. It tends to make people play it safe and live a boring life. Being afraid of an outcome, or how someone is going to react to a choice you’ve made, can cause anyone to miss out on many things that life has to offer. In many cases can also affect your happiness. My mother is a perfect example. All of her life she wanted to be a teacher, but my grandfather was against it, saying that it was not going to be as lucrative as other majors. Thus, she decided to major in business administration, because she was afraid of how my grandfather would react to her going against his wishes. Now she goes to work everyday with no incentive other than providing for her children. I refuse to ever let anyone stand in the way of accomplishing my dream.

My father on the other hand, raised me in a totally different way. His favorite quotes were, “never let anyone see you cry” and “don’t ever be afraid of anyone.” It was because of him that I got into so many fights throughout school. Every time someone picked on me, or tried anything, I fought simply because I wasn’t afraid of them. My father never punished me for this because I was only obeying his wishes. Since I was smaller than the other kids I guess that made me an easier target, similar to the wildlife in the sense that smaller animals are said to be weaker than the others.

However, size never mattered, if anything it aided me because the bigger they were the harder they fell.

As I have grown older, I have developed the same worries about disappointing people as your mother, but I continue my own way, despite that fear. I used to think that I never had any fear, but really, I live despite of it. During every fight there was a thought in my mind, nervousness I always thought, about the fight, but I always ignored it a continued to fight. Never realizing it was fear. Just letting my dad’s voice over power it. Now as an adult, I do this, not with my fists, but with the way I live my life.