This I Believe

Brittany - Mesa, Arizona
Entered on December 3, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Being adopted has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. Being taken from a prostitute birth mother and given to kind and noble parents has really shaped the person who I am today. I was only three months old at the time so I don’t remember all the events, but after I had been with my parents for about a year my birth mother tried to take me back. She had many children and plenty of mental issues that were not apparent in her at first. It was a huge issue that included lots of heartbreak and attorney fees until in the end the Judge finally admitted she was wrong in keeping me away from my parents. This has been a testimony to me of the importance of strong family bonds and good parents. My cousin was conceived out of wed lock to a now lesbian druggie and I look at his life and realize how much more he could have had if he were to have the strong family I have now. He has traveled place to place with his mom and each time she gets a new girl friend he gets a new mom. I am not sure that all of them have treated him so well because I know that his mom doesn’t. He has learned to lie about being hurt of even about the drugs that his mom uses. I look at him and think of h9ow different his life could have been if his mother would have just lost her pride and showed him true love by giving him to a good home when he was younger or by providing one herself. I know my birth mom loved me. She wasn’t mentally all there, but when she was she knew she loved me enough to provide a wonderful future for me. I love my family. My mom and dad have literally been through a lot of heartache and suffering to get me. We’re not perfect but we’re happy. My family has given me the best life possible, and now I am in college pursuing a degree and have the most awesome guy who treats me like a queen. I know am the most blessed person in the world. Because of this, I believe that good parents and a great home are great help in achieving happiness.