This I Believe

Katherine - Holladay, Utah
Entered on December 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

My Nana is my mom’s mom. We always had fun with her. She threw parties for every holiday and always did a back to school party for all her grandchildren a week or so before school. When I was little I lived in an apartment in her house. Everyday my cousin and I went upstairs and she would read us stories. We would stay up there most of the day and play with her. She always had fun things for us to do. When we moved to a different neighborhood she invited us over every week for dinner.

She helped me and supported me in everything I did. She came to all my dance and piano recitals and when I started voice lessons she was at every recital and afterwards she would tell me how well I did and how much I had improved.

She was always kind, loving, and friendly to everyone. She loved serving others and she taught me by her example that it was a very good thing to do. She also directed a choir called The Eleanor Kennard Chorale. She didn’t stop when she found out that she had cancer.

In February of 2003 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She still helped with things and did service but it got harder and harder for her. After a while she had to stay in bed all day.

On September 7th 2004 she passed away. She influenced a lot of people when she was alive and I am sure they will never forget the impact she made on their lives. I know I won’t. She was the best grandmother and friend anyone could ask for.

The belief that really came out of this experience for me was that you should live your life the best possible way you can because you never know what may happen. My Nana was a great example to me of service and love. She served people up to the day she died even when it became harder for her.

Because of her example it is easier for me to want to serve others. I have formed this belief because of the example of someone else and I hope that I can be a good example to someone because of what I learned from my Nana. This belief will be carried with me throughout my life no matter what troubles I face. Doing service and showing love to others makes me feel happier, as well as whomever I am helping.

So live your life the best you can because you never know what could happen.

This I Believe.