This I Believe

Barry - Norfolk, Virginia
Entered on December 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Critics are Lame

I believe that movie critics are terrible at their jobs. Some people base whether to see a movie on what a critic says about it. That to me makes no sense at all. People should decide for themselves whether a movie to them is good or bad. Going to see a movie based on someone you have never met’s opinion who claims to have adequate knowledge of the film and its actors is the dumbest thing a person can do.

I get so frustrated reading/listening to some of these reviews. One prominent you tube critic named “Mr. Black,” claims that in “Hitman,” “the fight scenes were a little weak, and I thought they could of made them a lot better…” In the “Hitman” I saw, there was plenty of epic action. I think that the three versus one battle consisting of professional assassins dual wielding katanas is quite the opposite of weak. Fighting at the bottom of a Russian train station, the protagonist Agent 47 kills four other assassins in a matter of minutes in a great showdown. Critics to me have their expectations extremely high when critiquing not just movies but everything. Moreover, going into a movie thinking it’s going to be bad will most likely just have you pick out the less exciting moments and exploit them.

I have seen many movies that have been dubbed not worth seeing by many critics A perfect example would be the recently released movie “Hitman.” Critics everywhere labeled “Hitman” as trash. Being a fan of video games and gaming in general. I kind of knew that movie based on video games are, for the most part, bad. Something told me to ignore the critics and still go to see it. In my opinion, “Hitman” was a better version of film based on a video game. I believe that stereotyping movies based on its genre or background is wrong. On Rotten Tomatoes the critics gave “Hitman” as measly 10%. Users on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb (Internet Movie Database) seem to think different. Rotten Tomatoes users rated “Hitman” at 63%. Even though I disagree even with that average rating, it’s still a whole lot better of a rating than what critics such as Kyle Smith, Scott Weinberg and Jack Mathews gave “Hitman.” Thousands of users who rated “Hitman” on IMDb gave it an average of 7 out of 10 stars. I don’t know about you but I’d listen to over four thousand movie fans opinions rather than some random writer for the New York Post.

Prior to breaking away from critics, I would just see movies they claimed worth seeing. Unfortunately, listening to them has caused me to waste god knows how many dollars and hours of my time. I went to see TERRIBLE movies such as “Open Water” and “The Village” just to name a few because someone who apparently knows all about movies and whether they are good or not literally suggested me to. No one should listen to some old geezer who finds confusing plots and a couple bickering while stranded in the middle of the ocean entertaining.

I believe in doing what you love. Ignore critics and others who claim to know what’s better for you. Follow your instincts and just be yourself. This I believe.