This I Believe

Russell - Woodbine, Maryland
Entered on December 2, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that all people no matter who they are or where they come from are good. There is only the good and the bad there are no grey areas. That all people who do bad things do it because they don’t have the qualities to not commit the evil acts. Once they commit these acts they can not go back to being good unless they really want to and they prove that they are back to being good. In today’s society the crime that people commit get punishment for the crimes and once they get out they go back to being criminals. The people who commit the crimes don’t change because they don’t want too. Also, I think that people who do bad things know its bad but still do it. There are only few who do change after there punishment is over from the state. The reason I believe this is because the static’s show that the criminals don’t change but go back to committing crimes. The people turn bad because of who they have as role models to guide them in their life. As I’ve seen the people around you affect how you live your life because people try to live like the people around them and whom they idolize. If some one idolizes someone who is a bad role model it could turn the bad. There are also more good people then bad. There are people who put someone else before himself or herself. There are police officer, fireman and others like people who work for aid groups to help the poor and sick. The number of good out weights the bad so the population is more good then bad. In all my experiences I believe that all people are good and there are only people who choose to be bad.