This I Believe

Aaron - West Windsor, New Jersey
Entered on December 2, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

If I had to believe in one operating belief about life, it is this: “Choosing what you believe is the hardest thing that you can do.” This belief to me seems to be the most deep and heart seeking thing that most people struggle to understand and do.

The first thing you need to do to pick a belief is knowing that this is your own belief that you are choosing because it is important and is fundamental to your life. The other you need to know that will help you choose your own belief is to not let anything get in your way either it’s your friends or even your family. Choosing what you believe is only your choice. Many people let others choose for them because they do not want to be cast aside as an outcast. I have been played the piano for 8 years and personally, I think it is boring and not very important thing. I keep playing it because my parents want me to which doesn’t really give me a chance to say “No, I don’t want to play the piano anymore because I don’t like it.” You can see that in my life, the reason why I play the piano is to please my parent’s desire of wanting a kid who is successful in every aspect in life including music. Despite the fact that my parents are demanding things from me, think I’m wrong, and think I’m lazy, I still keep my belief. If I was able to believe in anything I want, I would have the freedom to say I do not want to play piano anymore, quit piano and go on with my life without hassle and any pressures. The thing with beliefs is that many people are afraid of actually choosing by themselves because for there whole life, they have been told what to do by their superior which makes them think that they are not worthy of choosing or even make their own beliefs.


· It is your choice

· It is your life

· It is what interests you that are important, not what everybody else is interested in.

· Trust your gut

As you can see, the difficulty of choosing one’s belief can be seen in everyone’s life. Anyone can just keep the crowd and follow the status quo, but other individuals, who are able to follow their own beliefs without any fear of being judged or pressured, tend to always stray away from the social norm. These certain individuals are able to avoid the bandwagon and become excellent leaders of the future.